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Our website mainly focuses on making a great top servers database that contains all kind of server gathered in one huge list. With silkroad private servers, we provide the greatest sro pserver database with the best functionality. Our site provides a realtime overlook on server capacity as well as it provides detailed information about sro pservers such as CAP, RATES, POPULARITY and SERVER STATUS.


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Vote 4 Silk

Vote for Silk automatic System Setup Guide

What is Vote4Silk?

Vote 4 Silk is simply to get your players rewarded for advertising your server.

Why do not all pservers provide it?

Usually the voting sites are not owned by the pserver-providers.
So they are not able to check whether the voting-procedure has completed successfully.

As a private-server-owner you have got 2 choices:
a.) Don't provide such a service
b.) Provide an unsafe service

What is Vote-Callback?

Vote Callback is a service provided by us.
The following picture will visualize what is meant with it:

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